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PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS PRODUCT.You can get freeware that will do just as good a job-if not, better. SMpro actually did smooth out a couple junker computers i have- but that was the limit. It slows start up time and updates CONSTANTLY-whether you set the update time or not-it does it when it wants. Lets talk cx service. I opened a ticket for support 5 days ago without response up to today. I called them after finally unearthing a...
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Short story- my PC was USELESS after I ran this POS.First cold boot after running System Manager took 10 minutes. Windows error message- cannot locate desktop blah blah. Only 4 icons scattered over a black background, all of them dead. Windows error message on all- cannot run app blah blah. Task manager showed ZERO processes running. The lower left Windows buttons were dead. I couldn't even shutdown, had to use the power button on the box. Kept...
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I didn't like
  • Trashed my windows 10 pc
I downloaded their antivirus software that put a virus onto my computer. After that happened and after calling them they tried to claim they didn't semd the email, but took my $37.22, the don't offer discounts for first time users and there must have been someone else that sent the email, yet they got the money oh and for the cheap $199 they cam fix it well thry no only didn't fix it, they crashed every browser that I had. I am livid and this...
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Should you like a company to take money out of your bank account without your permission, then IOLO is for you!Meet the thief: System Mechanic can only find issues with things you did not have before. In other words, the "errors" found were false. Every day errors would be found & fixed by system mechanic, yet the initial one still remained. Continued use of system mechanic would lock you in as a prisoner with computer crashes. So I left this...
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Anonymous A close friend of mine is haveing the some problem. She has been in and out of hospital, just lost her husband. She recently checked her bank statements iolo have been taking ...

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  • Poor
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