Iolo Technologies System Mechanic Pro Optimization Software Reviews

I downloaded their antivirus software that put a virus onto my computer. After that happened and after calling them they tried to claim they didn't semd the email, but took my $37.22, the don't offer discounts for first time users and there must have been someone else that sent the email, yet they got the money oh and for the cheap $199 they cam fix it well thry no only didn't fix it, they crashed every browser that I had. I am livid and this...
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Should you like a company to take money out of your bank account without your permission, then IOLO is for you!Meet the thief: System Mechanic can only find issues with things you did not have before. In other words, the "errors" found were false. Every day errors would be found & fixed by system mechanic, yet the initial one still remained. Continued use of system mechanic would lock you in as a prisoner with computer crashes. So I left this...
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